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Why Manufacturers Prefer Sunflower Lecithin Over Others

Whether you belong to the pharmaceutical industry or food product manufacturing, there's a strong chance that you may be using lecithin in the process. It is one of the most sought-after emulsifying and binding agents. And, among all of its types, sunflower lecithin is preferred by a majority of manufacturers because of its purity, high quality, and various differentiating properties. However, more than its quality and purity, it is the benefits that sunflower lecithin offers that make it a preference of various manufacturing industries.

The Importance of Sunflower Lecithin

The miraculous healing properties of sunflower lecithin have helped it garner undeniable importance in the pharmaceutical industry. It is known to help in easing various conditions from decreasing cholesterol to improving digestion. And, because of its skin healing capabilities, sunflower lecithin is also added to skincare beauty products.

Another reason why sunflower lecithin is considered superior to other types of lecithin is its extraction process, which has been briefly discussed in our soy lecithin vs sunflower lecithin post. You can also know more about the importance of sunflower lecithin by reading our posts titled: what makes sunflower lecithin a great emulsifier? 

Historical Relevance in the Manufacturing Industry

The use of sunflower lecithin dates back over a century. It was first used in the food industry and slowly made its way into other domains. The expansion in its usage happened after new discoveries about the emulsification agent came to light. One such discovery was the ability of sunflower lecithin to act as a preservative.

Nowadays, almost all manufacturing industries prefer it over other types of lecithin. It is used as a catalyst for fermentation to moderate the process, decrease the chances of unwanted spatter when cooking fats on high heat, and improve the volume of dough in baked goods.

Why Manufacturers Prefer Sunflower Lecithin Over Others

Manufacturers prefer sunflower lecithin over lecithin from other sources for various reasons. Moreover, it holds many key properties like potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, and choline. As it is extracted from sunflower seeds, it also contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Here’s an industry-wise look at sunflower lecithin and why it is preferred by the manufacturers:

Medicine Industry

Sunflower lecithin is more popular among the manufacturers of Ayurvedic and herbal medicines for its nourishment and healing properties. Even Traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers use it to provide consistency to the medicine’s texture and offer its healing capabilities to the patients.

Unfortunately, sunflower lecithin isn't quite as popular in the traditional pharmaceutical industry. Yes, they are used as an ingredient, just not quite as much. However, the source of sunflower lecithin, sunflower seeds, is rather more popular in traditional pharma.

Food Industry

Pick any instant or processed food and you’ll notice lecithin listed as an ingredient on it. Lecithin, particularly sunflower lecithin, is often used as an organic preservative in most packaged food. Due to its emulsification ability, it keeps all the ingredients intact from margarine to mayonnaise and other spreads. 

It is even used in bakery products to preserve freshness for longer. Cookies, brownies, cakes, and pastries, all usually have some amount of sunflower lecithin in them. Since it’s an organic ingredient, it’s also added to supplements as well as healthy foods.

Cosmetics Industry 

For the cosmetics industry, sunflower lecithin is the magic ingredient for their products. Thanks to its hydrating characteristics it is mixed into everything from foundations and moisturizers to serums, masks, and much more.

Sunflower lecithin is an ideal emollient that helps with smoothening and softening the skin, tightening it and keeping it healthy and free from dryness and irritation.

The Petconomy

The petconomy is a fast-growing global industry with the constant rise in consumers and profits scaling sky high. While sunflower lecithin isn’t demanded by the whole petconomy, it is a huge part of the pet food and pet care categories of the sector. 

Since the internet has made knowledge easily accessible, people now look for healthy and organic options for their pets as well. Thus, most high-grade pet food and pet care products include sunflower lecithin in their mixes.

Powdered Milk Manufacturing

When promoting and marketing powdered milk, most manufacturers use a tagline promoting stronger bones. However, the key to building stronger bones is to have the nutrients evenly spread across the body. Evidently, sunflower lecithin helps the body do just that. Since it’s the only plant-based lecithin that’s free from any genetic modification, it’s also good for sustaining bone density.

According to one research, because sunflower lecithin contains calcium and potassium, it supports new cell production in the body as well. That is why it helps the body heal faster. The consumption of sunflower lecithin is also known to support the bone regeneration process.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it all up, let's do a quick review of everything discussed so far to clearly understand why manufacturers prefer sunflower lecithin over other types of lecithin.

It’s comparatively a better option. While lecithin from different sources offers different advantages, sunflower lecithin is the only lecithin that offers all those advantages cumulatively and adds some of its own.

For manufacturers aiming to use organic ingredients in their products, sunflower lecithin is currently the only option that is guaranteed non-GMO. Hence, allergens are almost non-existent.

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