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Unlike most industries and corporations Lecitein Limited is not in business to only generate profits. We understand our social responsibility as a corporation and aim to play our part by doing as much as we can for the betterment of society as well as the global environment. Some of the steps that we have taken include:

Social Responsibility

Our employees are our biggest strength, a fact that we try to reflect through our policies. We concentrate our efforts on providing a pressure-free work environment so our employees can bring their ‘A’ game while forwarding the company’s existing strategy. We take the health of our employees very seriously and offer them different health benefits depending on their current rank and status in the organisation.

The efforts of our HR department is specifically driven towards designing and implementing policies that help us maximise employee retention and attracting new talent. All of our employment policies are focused around one single thought: that our employees should not only become a valuable asset for Lecitein Limited but equally valuable members of the society we live in today.



Environmental Responsibility

We understand how the global industrial waste generated on a daily basis is destroying the environment and its implications for our future generations. Rest assured we are taking every measure possible to reduce our carbon footprint and make this world a better place atmospherically. Our teams are constantly assessing our production process to improve our environmental footprint. We are actively executing practices to lower our energy consumption, stay mindful of water consumption during the multiple production processes, and reduce our packaging waste. Apart from lowering the industrial waste produced, we have also set in place steps to ensure that all our industrial waste is disposed of and done away with in an eco-friendly manner. Our non-GMO, GMP plus, and Pro-Terra certifications are a clear reflection of the seriousness the management of Lecitein Limited holds towards environmentally-friendly industrial practices and we look to keep up with them in future projects as well.

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