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The Importance of Providing Sustainable Lecithin

Food production manufacturing has become a very diversified industry. In a world where everyone is living on the go, people need quick meals. This fast-paced life has increased the demand for ready-to-eat foods.

But one of the major concerns among consumers is buying a healthier option. Packaged foods have a strong perception of containing artificial flavours and additives that lead to health problems. While health experts are continuously promoting clean dietary intake, the food industry is facing constant pressure to manufacture products with lesser additives and more organic and sustainable ingredients. 

Being in the food business means excelling in taste and texture. Your product—the edible­—has to be fresh and consistent in flavour. That’s where the quality of the ingredients comes into play, as it can make a massive difference in creating a lucrative food brand. 

Why Does Your Food Product Needs Lecithin?

Mass manufacturing of an edible product means an increased ratio of the ingredients in the recipe. Every ingredient has to be carefully calculated to create a decadent product. As the number of ingredients is multiplied, the risk of getting the viscosity of the mixture right also increases. This is where lecithin comes into play. Here are a few reasons why food manufacturers incorporate lecithin into their production cycle:

Lecithin as An Emulsifier

There are mainly two types of ingredients, be it a savoury or a bakery item. Namely, wet and dry ingredients. Among the wet ingredients, it is expected that oil, along with other liquids, is used in the recipe. As oil and water are non-soluble, an additional agent is required to merge the ingredients to give the product its texture and flavour. Lecithin plays the role of a sustainable emulsifier that holds the non-soluble ingredients of the recipe together. 

Vegan Substitute

Vegan products are consistently gaining consumer preference. Adding organic and plant-based additives to your product can attract potential vegan customers. Lecithin can be substituted for egg yolks, for instance. Since eggs are among the mainstay ingredients in almost every cuisine, they can easily be replaced with soy lecithin, rapeseed lecithin, or sunflower lecithin as all of these are plant-based. 

Nutritional Benefits 

Besides being a stabilizer and an additive, lecithin also adds nutritional value to your product, giving it a competitive edge in the market. The best example of this is soy lecithin, as it is also used as a supplement to boost immunity. 

Choosing a Sustainable Lecithin Brand

Lecithin is among some of the highly demanded food additives. It can be acquired in its crude or standardized form. Standardised lecithin can further be classified into liquid, powdered, granulated, and gel capsule forms. The quality of lecithin, standardized or otherwise, can significantly affect the quality of the product.  Each form of lecithin is suited to the manufacturing of a particular product. The food industry usually relies on liquid lecithin.

LECITEIN is among the top global lecithin suppliers providing exceptional quality with unmatched logistics and customer support. Equipped with expert technicians, LECITEIN has been serving food manufacturers for several years now. For us, ensuring a sustainable supply even during unpredictable global circumstances is of utmost importance. A commitment we successfully proved during the COVID-19 outbreak and, recently, the Russia-Ukraine war. 

Your Product with a Bad Quality Lecithin

The significance of lecithin as an emulsification agent cannot be denied. However, ensuring a sustainable supply of high-quality lecithin is also crucial. While low-quality lecithin also works, it can have an adverse effect on the entire batch of your product. Let’s see how:

  • Baked products can crumble to touch
  • The product may lose its shape in the packaging or, worse, stick to it
  • The product might not be able to resist the heat of the packaging machine
  • The original flavour of the product might be impacted
  • The quality of your product might decrease noticeably

Significance of Sustainable Lecithin:

A little dose of low-grade lecithin can lead to consumer complaints. Negative reviews can seriously affect your conversions and brand image. LECITEIN understands this. That is why our services go beyond just providing lecithin. We understand the requirements of the rapidly changing market. Sustainability is the key to winning now. Here are a few ways our product can ensure the sustainability of your business. 

Enhanced Quality of Food Product:

Our lecithin is carefully standardized in the top European plants to ensure it enhances texture, prevents stickiness and helps hold the original shape of the food product. We provide non-GMO plant-based lecithin to ensure all emulsification is closer to nature. To retain its nutritional value, we keep our lecithin chemical-free all the way. 

Unbeatable Supply Chain:

Your food business needs a sustainable supply chain that does not suddenly halt your production cycle. LECITEIN acknowledges the need for faster and more reliable delivery for a smooth-running business. Our order approval process is quick and completely traceable. Thanks to our exclusive customer portal, you are always in the know about the status of your lecithin, whether it is travelling across the oceans or resting in a port. 

Controlled Environment:

As we mentioned, our lecithin is refined in Top European plants under controlled environments that are constantly monitored by expert and experienced technicians. Not just that, we also ensure that our entire process remains environmentally friendly with a minimum carbon footprint. It is our way of making sure that our lecithin remains free of all impurities while we play our part in the betterment of the environment.  

Quality Assurance:

While there are numerous lecithin providers, we excel in providing quality products. With exceptionally high standards of refinement and a plethora of European quality standard certifications, like Pro Terra, Organic Trust, and Sedex, we provide unparalleled quality that only adds to the shelf-life of your product.

Different Forms of Lecithin: 

According to the recipe and production process, your required form of lecithin may vary. We have the full range of lecithin that you can choose from. We have liquid lecithin, de-oiled powders, proteins, and granules. If you are unsure about your requirement, feel free to reach out to us for assistance. 

Have more questions on the topic? Reach out to us and we will help you in every way we can.


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