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Leveraging Plant-Based Lecithin in Pizza Dough Production Lines

Domino’s began reinventing itself in 2010 by redefining how it made pizza. One of its most successful innovations included the various supply chain centres that industrialised the pizza dough-making process. 

In the high-volume world of pizza production, achieving consistent quality, texture, and dough handling characteristics is the key to success. Domino’s understood it better than its competitors. Now, as more and more pizza chains follow suit, pizza dough production lines are becoming common worldwide. 

The increasing demand has also generated a need for optimising the dough production process. To take on the challenge, plant-based lecithin has emerged as a valuable tool in pizza dough production lines, offering a multitude of benefits when incorporated into large-scale production.

Let’s uncover the feasibility and advantages of using plant-based lecithin in industrial pizza dough formulations, its impact on dough properties, and practical considerations for integrating plant-based lecithin into existing production lines.

Benefits of Plant-Based Lecithin in Industrial Pizza Dough Production

While traditional pizza dough formulations may produce acceptable results, large-scale production requires the incorporation of plant-based lecithin due to its several advantages:

1. Improved Dough Handling

Lecithin enhances dough machinability and elasticity, making it smoother and more manageable during line processing. This lowers the chances of dough tearing, improving production efficiency.

2. Enhanced Gluten Network Development

Plant-based lecithin interacts with gluten proteins in flour, promoting the formation of a stronger and more elastic gluten network. This helps create the dough with improved stability, gives better rise during baking, and a desirable final crust texture.

3. Extended Shelf Life

Lecithin is known to possess mild anti-staling properties. These can help extend the shelf life of pizza dough, offering greater flexibility in production scheduling and reducing potential product spoilage.

4. Improved Moisture Management

Adding lecithin also aids in better moisture distribution and its retention within the dough, providing more consistency in baking, minimising the risk of uneven crust browning, and ensuring a well-cooked pizza.

Understanding Lecithin Functionality in Pizza Dough

The specific functionalities of plant-based lecithin in pizza dough can be attributed to its unique molecular structure and properties. 

Here's a breakdown of the key mechanisms:

1. Emulsification

Since it is an emulsifier, lecithin facilitates the interaction between water and fat components within the dough to ensure better dispersion of oils present in the flour and any additional fats used in the formulation.

2. Lubrication

Its amphiphilic nature allows lecithin to coat gluten strands, acting as a lubricant and reducing friction during dough mixing and processing. This translates to smoother dough handling and improved machinability.

3. Protein Interaction

Lecithin’s interaction with gluten proteins influences their behaviour and network formation to strengthen the gluten network and improve dough elasticity and structure.

Precautions for Using Plant-based Lecithin in Pizza Dough Production Line

Integrating lecithin into existing industrial pizza dough formulations requires careful consideration of several factors:

1. Lecithin Type and Dosage

Plant-based lecithin is available in various forms, such as liquid, powdered, and granular. The optimal choice depends on the desired functionality and ease of incorporation into your production process. 

LECITEIN has a team of food technicians who can assist you in selecting the most suitable lecithin type and dosage for your specific needs.

2. Dough Formulation Adjustments

The addition of lecithin may, in some cases, necessitate minor adjustments to existing dough formulations. You may need to slightly reduce the water content to account for the mild hygroscopic nature of lecithin. 

Additionally, slight adjustments to mixing times or fermentation parameters may also be required to achieve optimal results.

3. Pilot Trials

Before full-scale integration, we suggest conducting pilot trials with plant-based lecithin in your industrial setting. This will enable you to evaluate dough handling characteristics, optimise the dosage for your specific ingredients and equipment, and ensure consistent product quality.

Partner with a Supplier Committed to Innovation and Sustainability

LECITEIN is dedicated to continuous research and development,  constantly exploring new ways to optimise the functionality of plant-based lecithin for industrial food and beverage production. 

We prioritise sustainable sourcing practices throughout our supply chain, ensuring responsible environmental stewardship and a consistent supply of high-quality lecithin for your business.

Final Words

Plant-based lecithin is a compelling ingredient for industrial pizza dough production lines to enhance dough handling, optimise performance, and elevate the final product.  

By leveraging LECITEIN's expertise and high-quality lecithin solutions, you can streamline your production process, achieve consistent quality, and ultimately, deliver delicious pizzas that meet consumer expectations.

Let's discuss how LECITEIN's plant-based lecithin solutions can transform your industrial pizza dough production. 


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