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Why LECITEIN is the Best Source of Tailor-Made Lecithin Formulations?

The therapeutic benefits of lecithin have led to an increased demand for the additive in almost all sectors. From paints, inks, and pharmaceuticals to confectionaries, cosmetics, and nutraceuticals, each industry requires a different form or type of lecithin to produce a quality final product.

However, superior quality requires lecithin with a managed profile. A managed profile means a controlled amount of phosphatidylinositols, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylcholine, and other phosphatides. This control is acquired through custom lecithin formulations.

Benefits of Custom Lecithin Formulation

A custom formulation of lecithin not only gives you more control over the quality of the final product but also offers various other benefits. Some of those benefits are listed below:

  • Easier application 
  • Controlled polarity and viscosity
  • Higher-quality batch production 
  • Edge over the competitors' product

Custom formulation brings elements of uniqueness and individuality to a brand and often makes the product appealing to the consumer due to its superior quality. For example, chocolatiers can reduce waste and increase profitability by using tailor-made formulations. 

Since chocolate is a delicate product, it can be easily spoilt by the wrong type of lecithin leaving you with off-flavours, odours, and discolouration. The perfect profile of lecithin can eliminate these problems.

The secret behind producing a perfect custom formulation is understanding the mixture. Those with a high oil-to-water ratio need lecithin that’s rich in phosphatidylcholine, whereas those with a higher water composition require lecithin with a higher percentage of phosphatidylinositol for optimum emulsification. LECITEIN’s custom lecithin formulations offer both variations.

Why LECITEIN is the Best Source for Tailor-made Formulations

Businesses are always on the lookout for high-quality lecithin that’s also safe for their products. LECITEIN understands that. For this very reason, we invest our technological expertise and years of industry experience and knowledge to produce tailor-made lecithin formulations. 

Apart from our standard range of products, you can get a variety of customised phospholipid profiles of plant-based lecithin, which give you greater functionality and stability in every batch. Our entire range, tailor-made or otherwise, is extracted from soybean and sunflowers.

Besides the advantage of a controlled profile, when buying from LECITEIN, you get lecithin that is standardised exclusively in the Netherlands to meet all the European Union quality standards and requirements. The EU quality standards make our lecithin perfect for all industries and businesses that prioritise sustainability and quality.

A Variety of Non-GMO Lecithin

Over the past few years, there has been a growing movement toward non-GMO products. Consumers have become cautious of what they put into their bodies and are now more conscious of what they buy. This has given rise to GMO labelling worldwide.

At LECITEIN, we are always vested in market research and accordingly update our inventory. We carry a wide variety of lecithin on non-GMO bases with Pro-Terra certification to ensure complete transparency to our customers.

Sustainable Production Process

LECITEIN strictly monitors its business’ impact on the environment from raw material procurement through the final packaging. Sustainability for both, the environment and the business of our clients, is our top priority. To achieve it, we strictly adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices as well as all the necessary standards administered by the European Union.

Plant-based Lecithin for Safe Consumption

Soybeans is among, if not the most popular source of lecithin. This is why it is effective for clean labels. However, the concern about GMOs has prompted many manufacturers to look for other sources.

This search for alternative sources has popularised lecithin acquired from sunflower and rapeseed. Since both are non-GMO crops, they are comparatively safer and bias-free ingredients for vegan and allergen-free products.

Allergen-free varieties

Speaking of allergen-free products, LECITEIN is the purveyor of a number of certified allergens-free lecithin formulations in powder, liquid and granulated forms.

Certified Halal and Kosher Products

HALAL and KOSHER certifications are mandatory for a product's successful marketing and sales in religiously conservative communities and countries.

Food that is "fit or appropriate" for consumption by Jewish customers is determined by the Kosher (kashrus) dietary laws. Whereas, Muslims only utilise products that are prepared and follow Halal regulations. All variations of lecithin offered by us are both, Kosher and Halal certified. 

Compliance with Global Standards

When it comes to matching client demands, LECITEIN provides complete IP traceability supported by a quality system that conforms to the highest European standards to ensure we deliver a value that’s unique not only to your lecithin but the final product as well.

The complete list of certifications that we hold and adhere to can be found on our website.


Custom lecithin formulations can add an edge by enhancing the quality of your final product. It makes the production process more seamless by proving just the right amount of emulsification, viscosity, and stability, making the end product feel and look premium. Tailor-made lecithin formulations are also cost-effective as they save you on technical R&D and rarely cause issues that can delay or disrupt production. To learn more about custom lecithin formulations, feel free to connect with us.


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